About us

Golden Key Labs is proudly founded and bootstrapped by two entrepreneurs who were tired of dealing with “half baked” software and technology that didn’t fully deliver the functionality our family business needed, and the software we did find that came close, wasn’t flexible or intuitive.

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and frustrated hours “duct taping” many different pieces of technology together to accomplish one job, we decided there had to be a better way!  

This is how Golden Key Labs was born.

Unlike other software out there, and because we also use it everyday, we build our software with you in mind! We didn’t create it just because we wanted to get into the SAAS space, nope, we built it to help you (and us) run our businesses more simply and efficiently! 

We have massive ambitions to create other software to help your business grow and run more smoothly so stay tuned.  

Our philosophy is simple: Create intuitive technology and software for everyday entrepreneurs so you can work smarter and focus on your business, not the tech.

Lauren Goldstein

Lauren Goldstein


Lauren helps businesses make things simple, so they can grow.

She is Founder and CEO of international business strategy consulting firm Golden Key Partnership based out of Austin, TX.

GKP helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses,
get results, and make an impact!

Their isn’t much that she loves more than taking problems and creating solutions where insurmountable roadblocks once existed!

Brad Goldstein

Brad Goldstein


Brad has been making the impossible, possible since 1985.

He is the founder and CEO of EquuSport Custom Saddlery.

For the past 30 years he has helped Hunter/Jumper Equestrians all over the world win in the ring with his breadth of knowledge and customizable equipment solutions. 

EquuSport has the largest selection of custom Horse Bits and Leather Goods in the world.